How to Collect Late Rent – What Every Landlord Needs to Know!

Knock on the tenant’s door and bellow “Your rent is late. Cough it up.” If collecting late rent was as easy as that, then you would not need to read this article. Unfortunately, tenants with overdue rent are masters at stall tactics and filled to the brim with excuses. You need to take decisive action, […]

Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent When Renting An Apartment

Though you can look for apartments on your own via the web and actual scouting, the time and effort exerted in doing these can be quite a job for some, especially if it is your first time. For those who would like to get their dream units faster and more conveniently, hiring an agent is […]

Strategic Short Sales May Be HAFA Intolerant

This just in! Real Estate Agents should now be acquainted with the term Strategic Short Sale. Agents who have experienced easy accessibility with these common characters will confirm their differing motivational expressions over those who face losing it all. These ‘stressed’, but not ‘distressed’ property owners represent over 10% of the market inventory in most […]

The Short Sale Process, Myths and Dos-And-Dont’s

With economic uncertainty, job loss and general fear regarding the state of the world’s economy, millions of people are facing foreclosure. Most people believe foreclosure is the only option if they stop paying their mortgage(s). Another option is to short sale their property. There are many myths about short sales that I’d like to clear […]

Bad Hair Day For Home Inspector

You know who I’m talking about: the dude walking up to your home still sporting his 1980’s mullet. It worked for him in 1982 and according to him it’s just as cool today. Actually the reason for this article is not hairstyles but fellow home inspectors trying to remember “Back in the day” inspection times […]

Pay Less When You Lease

I have a concession to make. No, not a confession…A concession. Not the ones you get at the movies either. These concessions are much better than popcorn or candy. They’re the type of concessions that can buy you tons of popcorn later. Many properties offer concessions including, but not limited to: upfront money off rent; […]

How To Sell Your Home Fast – Three Great Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home In Any Market

There are many ways to sell your home faster. This article will explain the top three tips you need to follow to help sell your house fast. Follow the instructions below and you will have a much better chance of selling your home. Landscape Improvements – It amazes me that people try to sell their […]

How Fire Pits Can Increase the Value of Your Real Estate

These days, many people are looking for ways that they will be able to make their real estate more lucrative to the buyer. These days, with the economy looking the way it does, you have to find a way to make your property stand out from the rest. Usually that means making many home improvements […]

Checklist While Choosing a Furnished Rental Apartment

Are you moving to a new city or for a short-term trip? Have you booked your hotels? Booking a hotel for a month or more can be an expensive decision and therefore, renting a furnished apartment seems to be a cost-effective alternative for your stay. It is nearly impossible to find a house which exactly […]

Commercial Realtors – Why the Auction Process Still Works With Commercial Property Today

When it comes to selling commercial property today, the auction process remains an alternative method of sale that can be adopted by the agent to assist the client with successfully moving the property. The auction process is quite successful when correctly structured and managed. This is the job of an experienced commercial agent with reasonable […]

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